Vanguard Shipping, S.L. took already from its foundation the decision to resume the old relationship with ITIC. The possibility of some sort of slip-up always exist among the many complexities of servicing our shipping customers. Errors, omissions, or negligence can arise at any time regardless of our standards, procedures and controls. Our customers expect us to react fast and can demand us to compensate them for any loss incurred. For this reason, we are obliged to protect our reputation and we are convinced to be in the best possible hands by being covered by ITIC with over 2400 members in more than 100 countries and no external shareholders.

In 1992 the members of CISBACLUB agreed to merge with Transport Intermediaries Mutual Insurance Association Ltd., (TIM). The latter had been formed in 1985 by the Thos. R. Miller & Son partnership (later incorporated to form Thomas Miller & Co. Limited), with a view to expanding the sources and availability of liability insurance for ship agents, ship brokers and the growing profession of ship managers. The merger promised, and has provided, a stronger base from which to supply insurance to transport professionals throughout the world. The Club has grown steadily since the merger and is a mutual insurer backed by at least A-rated security.

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