Vanguard Shipping SL

was founded 4th of May 2018 but it’s team embraces decades of dedication to tanker and drycargo chartering. An important part of the staff remain the same since the days of Spanmark Chartering SL. Our office is located in the heart of Barcelona and at the cross roads for shipping between Europe, Mediterranean, Blacksea and Africa…


Vanguard Shipping is offering a broad range of shipping services not limited only to the tanker chartering and consisting of following main items



Tank terminal handling

Consultancy & Research

“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters”

A. Einstein




Total metric tons of cargo moved in bulk in 2018


Number of Charterers and Owners being worked directly


Vanguard Shipping is working in a close partnership with Casablanca Chartering Morocco. As a result of an increased activity in Africa, it was decided also to open the door for an involvement in drycargo chartering.


Vanguard Shipping announces...

By VanguardUserWPOn 25 mayo, 2022

Vanguard Shipping is pleased to announce a change of office to “Calle Bruc 21, 1 floor door 4”. The new office is only 500 meters away from the old one , hence still located...

Vanguard Shipping Wine...

By VanguardUserWPOn 27 junio, 2019

Vanguard lunch and wine tasting in Vienna on the occasion of the Epca conference 2018

Time needed and price from airport to our office by taxi: 30 mins with little traffic about 40€ – 35€

Time needed and price from airport to center of Barcelona, Plaza Cataluña by bus: 35 mins – 5,90€

Time needed and price from airport terminal 2 to Paseo de Gracia 4.20€. If you arrive or leave from terminal 1 you will have to use a shuttle bus (free of charge) between the two terminals which takes about 10 minutes.

Time needed and price from airport terminal 2 to Barcelona Sants station, by train: 27 mins – € 5,15€.

Walking time from center of Barcelona, Plaza Cataluña to our office: 5 mins

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